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 FAQ Thread

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PostSubject: FAQ Thread   Sun Feb 06, 2011 6:36 pm

Welcome to Gentlemen With Afro's EE (Everybody Edits) forum! This is the FAQ for what this is currently for. You can reply if you have any questions, once you sign up.

What is Everybody Edits?

Well, simple question. You could all about that at their website by clicking here, or learn by checking Kongregate by clicking here.

How do I sign up for this crew the right way?

By hosting a thread in the Registration Tryouts and by trying it like this.

Here's an example.

I would like to sign up as an Admin for this crew.

I am a great creator in Everybody Edits, and I also have Beta Program.

Sorta like that, but before you sign up for it, I must approve either you can be it or not. If I don't approve it, you will still be in the crew, but you will only be Member. If I do approve it, then your the rank you asked for.

Any other questions just reply in the thread.
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FAQ Thread
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