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 Chat and points and rep added!

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What do you like best?
A : The Portal Shots.
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B : Trust Points.
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C : All of the above.
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PostChat and points and rep added!

Hey guys today I added a new Chat out of HTML Chatango so Chat's getting deleted soon from the homepage =( Yes, sad. But most likely I am working on the new chat. It is Java chat so upgrade your Java Players.

The link of the new chat is []here.[/url]

UPDATE : I added Trust Points (Points given to you from Admins for being a trusted member by moderator or higher.) Which will give you the rank of a Trusted Member for :

Trusted Member = 10 Trust Pts
Well-Behaved = 20 Trust Pts
Architect = 40 Trust Pts
Co-Moderator = 80 Trust Pts
Moderator = 160 Trust Pts
Co-Admin = 320 Trust Pts
Admin = 650 Trust Pts
The Mr. Nice Guy (ADMIN GOD) = 5,000 Trust Pts
Overall Trusted (ADMIN EPICNESS) = 10,000 Trust Pts

God Ranks :

Rank 1 (The Moderator) = 500 Portal Shots (Rep by the way)
Rank 2 (The God Mod) = 1000 Portal Shots
Rank 3 (The Admin) = 1500 Portal Shots
Rank 4 (The Mr. Nice Guy) 2000 Portal Shots
GOD (Da Best of teh best) 75356763356 Portal Shots (BEAT THAT MIDNIGHT PANDA!)

Pts. And Shots FAQ :

Question 1 : What is Portal Shots?

Found off of Kongregate's event of the Portal 2 release. Each person was supposed to only shoot 3 portals each person, but the forum you have unlimited portals. By shooting a portal you :

1. Admire the user, and trust them.
2. You can help donate some fucking stuff get some cake for each 100 Portals you earn and you will become a temporary Moderator for 1 day as a prize! ^_^
3. **** you, have a nice day Admin Umm, yeah that's it I guess :/

Question 2 : How do I shoot one?

ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED?!?!?! FUCKING LOOK AT THE GOD DAMN BALANCE ABOVE YOU FUCKIN curd Well, I would say you gotta be a member. And that's all. Up to you, hehe.

Question 3 : How do I **** people online?

If you wonder what the question is to this question is, it is |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Have a nice day fuckers! everybody!

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Chat and points and rep added! :: Comments

Re: Chat and points and rep added!
Post on Sun Aug 07, 2016 5:23 am  Admin
Dear god. It's been fucking years since I touched this cyst of a forum I made years ago.

I apologize so deeply for this. This is awful.

Chat and points and rep added!

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